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REVKOR provides the cutting edge in rapid recharging supporting vehicles up to 920 V and 375 kW. Shorter charge times for highway corridor and fleet operations.

REVKOR HP High Power Charging

175 kW TO 350 KW

REVKKOR   HP is a modular high power charging system with high output current capability, supporting both vehicles up to 920 VDC. A single power cabinet system can deliver up to 175 kW and 375 A while two power cabinets can deliver up to 350 kW and 500 A. The REVKOR HP is ideally suited for highway corridor and EV fleet operations where dwell times must be brief.

HP Key Features

  • Single or dual outlet configurations for CHAdeMO and liquid-cooled CCS up to 500 A

  • Non-refrigerant-based, cooled cable system

  • Up to 920 VDC for every passenger or fleet EV

  • Daylight readable, intuitive touchscreen display

  • Integrated RGB LED strips with customizable color

  • Robust, all-weather enclosure for all environments

  • Energy management via OCPP Smart Charging Profile

  • Scalable installation with integrated galvanic isolation

  • UL certified, ADA compliant

  • Suited for current and next generation EVs


configuration with twi power cabinets serving one charge post

Modular Architecture

HP system can be configured as:

  • 175 kW: one charge post and one cabinet

  • 350 kW: one charge post and two cabinets

  • 175-350 kW: two charge posts and two cabinets EVs

HP Optional Features

  • Dynamic DC functionality

  • Customizable user interface

  • Integrated payment terminal

  • Buy America option available


configuration with one power cabinet serving one charge post

Scalable and Future Proof

The HP system is expandable over time by

adding additional power cabinets and charge

posts after initial site installation. This capability

delivers site planning flexibility by offering a costefficient

way to build expandable charge points

that can grow with EV market demand.

Charger - High Power Scenic.png

Advanced, Scalable Deployment

Industry Leading Cable Cooling Tech 

Every REVKOR HP charge post is equipped with an integrated chiller and environmentally-friendly cooled cables offering higher peak and continuous output power performance. This technology enables faster charging for vehicles where typical 200A rated systems cannot deliver above 80KW to 400V electric vehicles.

Dynamic DC Capability 

With REVKOR Dynamic DC power sharing technology, power cabinets can be connected to charge one vehicle at up to 350kW or two vehicles simultaneously at up to 175kW. This architecture enables higher utilization of charging assets.

Max charging dedicated to premium EV at up to 350 kW on either post

Shared power delivery for premium EV utilization at up to 175 kW to each vehicle.

Shared delivery tailored to varied EV models demands and capabilities.

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