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REVKOR is an energy producer in the fields of renewables and transition energy sources. We target large scale solar projects on renewables and work from the inside on the traditional oil & gas with a directive to dramatically lower carbon intensity.


REVKOR is an owner-operator across the range of energy sources and source materials required for the future of energy. In all cases, we are taking the long view towards elimination greenhouse gases and accelerating the transition to fully renewable energy.

REVKOR is actively developing its own industrial solar energy production, targeting 20,000+ acres in the Western USA for near term development. With our own supply of highest-efficiency solar panels and rapid deployment, we are making rapid advances.

REVKOR has production in conventional oil & gas, but target dramatics reduction in carbon intensity (CI). This is done through carbon sequestration, elimination refining, and fuel blending. Our initial targets are 30% CI reduction with a target of 70% or greater as we transition away from fossil fuels

REVKOR is pushing into Lithium and other rare earth metals, in addition to its current projects in remediative, clean oil sands and silica mining. Our silica production will go towards silicone wafers, CO2 negatives bricks and glass, as well as other markets.

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