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REVKOR is the leader in enterprise and truck fleet e-mobility, providing turnkey planning, design, management, supply, implementation and operations of cutting-edge EV charging system.

Fleet Solutions

REVKOR offers a range of heavy vehicle and fleet charging solutions including overnight HVC Depot Systems, Charging 100 kW to 150 kW with connectors to 150 kw to 600 kW overhead charging systems for heavy usage.

Depot Systems

100-150 kW with Connector

Overhead Systems

REVKOR Bus EV 1.png

150-600 kW overhead

Depot Systems

REVKOR offers a complete portfolio for charging heavy electric vehicles such as buses and trucks with a

CCS connector. HVC Depot charging systems are specifically designed to charge larger fleets of electric vehicles in the most optimized way with sequential capability. Typically used for overnight charging of bus, van and periodic use fleets.

Charger - Overnight 1 .png

HVC 100C / 150C

Charger - Overnight 2.png

HVC 150C

with 3 Depots 

Main Features & Key Benefits:

  • Power range of 100 kW or 150 kW

  • Voltage range from 150-850 VDC

  • Small infrastructure footprint at vehicle interface

  • Flexible design for roof and floor mounting

  • Sequential charging for up to 3 outlets with 100

  • and 150 kW

  • Compliant with UL, OCPP 1.6, ISO 15118, CCS / DIN 70121 / IEC 61851-23 & -24

  • Remote diagnostics and management tools

  • Buy America option available

Sequential Charging:

Improving total cost of ownership is easy using the

sequential charging feature offered by ABB’s depot

chargers. This feature allows connection of up to

three depot charge boxes with a single power

cabinet and vehicles are charged sequentially over

time. The system can follow an embedded,

predefined charging process or remote triggers

sent by a fleet management system via OCPP 1.6.

  • Vehicles are charged with high power, maximizing vehicle availability

  • The required grid connection is smaller, reducing upfront investments and operational costs

  • The compact depot box is easy to install at sites with space constraints

  • Optimal utilization of installed infrastructure meaning lower investments in charging equipment

HVC Pantographic Overhead Charging System

REVKOR Heavy Vehicle Charger (HVC) system architecture offers an ideal solution for opportunity charging, ensuring zero-emission public transit during the day without impacting daily route operations.

Main Features & Key Benefits:

  • Power range of 150-300-450-600 kW

  • Voltage range from 150-850 V

  • Charge in 3 to 6 minutes

  • One charger can serve multiple vehicle types and brands

  • Safe and reliable fully automated connection

  • Compliant with OppCharge / IEC 61851-23 / SAEJ3105-1 and OCPP 1.6

  • Remote diagnostics and management tools

  • Buy America option available

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