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OIL & GAS with Reduced Carbon

REVKOR is helping drive CO2 reduction as we transition from fossil fuels. We believe that we can total life cycle emissions on Oil & Gas by more than 50% in the coming years.


REVKOR is a vertically integrated industrial solar project developer. We plan, engineering, permit and execute projects, while supplying all solar panels, equipment and infrastructure on a turnkey basis. In many cases, REVKOR will operate and maintain and the projects.

Installed Power Black.png

REVKOR stands at the forefront of the green energy revolution by developing, constructing, and operating utility-scale solar and wind energy projects. Its projects contribute to the socio-economic development of peripheral regions around the world and strengthen resilience amongst those regionsʼ communities.

Growing Production

5 TWh Output Expected by 2025

Between 2020 & 2022 REVKOR generated 670 GMh of electricity. That is a reduction of  260,000 tons of atmospheric CO2,and is equial to 160,000 households powered. As our portfolio expands to an expected 5,140 GWh by 2025. 

Power Generation Growth.png
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