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REVKOR is pushing remediative mining to supply our industrial needs for minerals and energy, while targeting low or negative carbon footprints. 

LOW Carbon Intensity (CI)

REVKOR is participating in a new technology for oil and silica extraction from Oil Sands. Unlike past methods, this leaves the earth better than we found it, and produces a low carbon intensity oil product.

Our Oil Sands have none of the negatives of historical systems:

  • NO WATER: Process consumes no external water and produces clean water

  • NO WASTE: Process produces no waste, no ponds, no chemicals left over

  • NO CHEMICALS: Produces no byproduct chemicals, all chemicals recycled

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Utah Lithium and Potash with Carbon Sequestration

REVKOR is participating in a Lithium and Potash project in Moab, Utah. The project pulls a brine and separates out the Potash and then the Lithium using the latest direct extraction technologies: No evaporation ponds. The brine is then to be saturated with CO2 before it is returned to the aquifer.

Our Lithium operations have none of the negatives of historical systems:

  • NO PONDS: No large land use and no significant losses by direct extraction

  • US PRODUCTION: Domestic source of Lithium for economic security

  • CARBON NEGATIVE: Sequestration in brines provides a negative CO2 footprint

  • CLOSED LOOP: Production is in a closed loop with no emissions and no waste

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