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REVKOR is the a leader in industrial solar power generation projects with our portfolio growing to an expected 5,000 GWh by 2025.

Industrial Solar

REVKOR is a vertically integrated industrial solar project developer. We plan, engineering, permit and execute projects, while supplying all solar panels, equipment and infrastructure on a turnkey basis. In many cases, REVKOR will operate and maintain and the projects.

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REVKOR stands at the forefront of the green energy revolution by developing, constructing, and operating utility-scale solar and wind energy projects. Its projects contribute to the socio-economic development of peripheral regions around the world and strengthen resilience amongst those regionsʼ communities.

Growing Production

5 TWh Output Expected by 2025

Between 2020 & 2022 REVKOR generated 670 GMh of electricity. That is a reduction of  260,000 tons of atmospheric CO2,and is equial to 160,000 households powered. As our portfolio expands to an expected 5,140 GWh by 2025. 

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