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REVKOR has been a leader from the beginning of the EV revolution offering turnkey solutions for truck fleet and auto electric vehicle charging stations. We provide the highest level of reliability, charging rate, and upgradability.

Electric Vehicle Charging

REVKOR is the leader in reliable, upgradable, faster charging for electric vehicles. We are a vertically integrated company, not a reseller, offering complete turnkey solutions. We design, build, supply, install and can even manage and maintain your EV charger network. WIth our own proprietary design with ABB and advanced software platform, we will engineer your site or your entire EV program and provide a proven advantage for your fleet and auto EV charging needs.

REVKOR  offers a complete portfolio for charging heavy electric vehicles such as buses and trucks with a CCS connector. HVC Depot charging systems are specifically designed to charge larger fleets of electric vehicles up to 600 kW.


REVKOR offers a range of charging solutions for autos. The All-In-One DC Fast Charging to 180 kW for EV Charging stations.

REVKOR offers a range of charging HP High Power Charging up to 350 kW, featuring dynamic DC capabiities.

REVKOR offers the Terra DC Wallbox for home and office use with charging at 25 kW, fully connected and a range of configurations and plug types.

REVKOR his partners with ABB in the design and supply of EV Chargers employing the latest technology to make our system the most reliable, high utilization, future proof and well connected system available.

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