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Mar 14, 2023

Carolina Morales

REVKOR Awarded $U.S. 252MM Nationwide Telecommunications Contract

26 March 2023





REVKOR Energy holdings Inc. has announced that it has formally entered into a Master Services Agreement with National Communications Company with a three-year contract for the installation of periphery equipment at existing telecommunications sites to ensure uninterrupted service in the event of loss of main utility power.  The sites are located across five geographic regions domestically.


The three-year contract encompasses a total of three-thousand, nine-hundred and twenty-five (3,925) independent locations for a total contract value of $U.S. 252MM. 

REVKOR ENERGY GROUP observed early that 5G technology has the potential to be transformative for businesses and consumers, as well as for the U.S. government. 5G can provide the enabling connectivity to drive digital transformation from a paperless digital IRS, to enabling the Postal Service to outperform Amazon, to providing zero latency situational awareness to our first responders and warfighters at the point of need.

The Department of Defense understands that leveraging both purpose-built private 5G (P5G) and operating over commercial wireless networks managed by mobile network operators (MNOs) in support of their mission is critical to keep pace and provide our warfighters with technical superiority on the battlefield. This is evidenced by recent new projects as part of its Innovate Beyond 5G program and recent DARPA programs. These include a new industry-university partnerships to jumpstart 6G systems, research on open radio access networks (ORAN); security and scalability for spectrum sharing and; efforts to increase resiliency and throughput for wireless tactical communications for the warfighter and DARPA’s efforts to research securely operating over MNO networks globally.

As 5G technology becomes more widely available and as we look ahead to what’s next, it’s important for agencies of all types to consider both the risks and opportunities associated with 5G and other new wireless networking technologies – and the drastic changes the technology introduces at all levels of wireless architecture from network core, to edge compute, to radio, and RF spectrum.






Connecting a mobile world, faster and smarter.

Revkor has been watching the advancement in the communications industry and has invested in licencing and An increasingly mobile world demands a different kind of communications technology. It demands smarter devices and smarter decision making too. Sensors, high-quality video, and the internet of things (IoT) all generate massive, real-time data streams. And always-on, from-anywhere access to networks shouldn’t come at the expense of security or resilience. Enter 5G.Today 5G is revolutionizing the way the world connects. REVKOR Energy Holdings, Inc. sees 5G as mission-enhancing network technology that enables seamless operations at the edge or within the enterprise. And together with our partners, we’re bringing 5G support to customer missions around the world.

REVKOR teams are engineering comprehensive 5G solutions, leveraging our breadth of capabilities to address unique customer use-cases and navigate a changing communications landscape. As an integrator and installer of 5G physical infrastructure, we’re connecting wired and wireless networks and understanding the different spectrum needs associated with doing so, but this is just the beginning. We’re delivering zero trust solutions, securing networks at the edge as the threat surface expands rapidly with the proliferation of mobile devices. AI and machine learning is helping customers process massive amounts of data and make real-time decisions being collected by 5G enabled devices.

The low latency, high speed, high capacity of 5G opens the door for better applications in augmented reality, virtual reality, remote telemedicine, flight-line of the future, JADC2, smart campuses, and more.

REVKOR Energy Holdings, Inc.eams work to develop and deploy solutions designed for this revolutionary new platform – that’s revolutionizing mission delivery.

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