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REVKOR Signs LOI for Phase 2 1,000,000 Ft2 HJT Solar Plant

Jul 18, 2023

Carolina Morales

Revkor Energy Holdings has signed the LOI for a second 1,067,000 sq ft facility to house the second phase of its HJT Solar Cell and Module plant ahead of its August 31 delivery of the first phase facility in Salt Lake City, UT

Revkor has made the next step on its aggressive expansion of HJT Solar manufacturing in Utah with the signing of a Letter of Intent in Salt Lake City to build a second 1,067,000 sq ft plant. This plant will be used for the expansion of its manufacturing for HJT/Perovskite solar cells, solar modules, and silicon wafer manufacture. Revkor takes possession of the first 1,067,000 sq ft facility on 30 August 2023 with the second facility for same time in 2024. That will bring the solar technology completed space of 2,000,000 sq ft to produce10 GW of a targeted 20 GW total solar complex, along with N-type silicon ingot growing and wafer manufacturing as well as advanced HJT and Perovskite solar cell R&D labs.

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