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Introducing Groundbreaking Innovations in Plastic Recycling and Tire Vulcanization


Revkor has become a benchmark for our sustainable energy model and a leader in renewables and smart grids has a diversified portfolio of businesses and geographies, and has demonstrated its financial strength, expertise, and execution capabilities. Furthermore, 90% of the group's long-term investment plan is aligned with the green investment criteria included in the US taxonomy.


REVKOR is committed to a model that prioritizes people and the preservation of the planet.

REVKOR  has formulated a differentiating, authentic, and relevant corporate purpose that contributes to a greater connection of the company with people, society as a whole, and its Stakeholders. 

REVKOR leadership always reviews future expansion and renewable R&D. And maintains integrity at the heart of our decisions. Developing a responsible and sustainable business model, one of the essential elements of which is the involvement of stakeholders and the creation of shared value for all of them.

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