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REVKOR employs the cutting-edge of EV Charging technology with a commitment to continuous improvement by investing in research & development.

EVCharging for every use case

Home, Public, Fleet and Transit

REVKOR offers a full range of EV fast charging solutions from 20 kW to 350 kW, as well as bus charging systems that reach 600 kW. Every EV charger features robust connectivity options for remote services and updates. EV charging technology maintains the highest standards for safety and reliability and is backed by the most respected technical and service engineers in the EV industry.

  • Power sharing for high utilization

  • Future proof, high-voltage technology

  • Reliable, compact and flexible design

  • Always connected, always smart


Charger Design at a Glance

  • Higher Revenue: Many models can charge two vehicles simultaneously for higher revenues.

  • Power Sharing: Higher utilization and charging speeds through power sharing between units.

  • Upgradeable: All models are future proof and upgradeable through easily-swapped, modular components.

  • Compact Design: Fits all locations with a small footprint and profile.

  • Always Connected: Continuous monitoring and data with a 24-7 cellular connection.

  • OCPP Integration: Autocharge functionality via CCS connector

  • Retractable Cable: Optional retractable cable for ease of use. 


Charger - High Power Scenic.png


Power Sharing for High Utilization

REV Terra 24 and 184 can charge two vehicles simultaneously

High Utilization of charging assets benefit both public and fleet business models

Supports all open charging standards in flexible configurations

Safety certified to the highest standards

Future-Proof, Flexible High Voltage Technology

Flexible, redundant power architecture support high uptime

High-voltage charging range up to 920 V

Fully compatible with current and future EV's

Options to upgrade power over time, from 90 kW up to 180 kW, to follow EV market growth

Reliable, Compact and Flexible Design

Based on the REV Terra Platform, the most widely deployed DCFC family in the world

Space-saving, all-in-on footprint with very easy installation and servicing

Robust construction for all operational environments

Cable management options enhance longevity

Alway Connected, Always Smart

24/7 connectivity, 99.9% ABB Network uptime

Remote services with remote firmware updates and upgrades

OCPP integration-ready as well as ABB webtools

Options to upgrade power over time, from 90 kW up to 180 kW, to follow EV market growth

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